About the Centre


The inspiring, light-filled, 90,000+ sq. ft. Concordia Health & Fitness Centre will create a centre of excellence for health and fitness in Manitoba, as well as provide north-east Winnipeg and nearby communities with a world-class membership-based fitness and exercise destination.

The Centre will offer a comprehensive range of services, innovative clinical programming, and a holistic focus on the special health needs of Manitoba’s maturing population.

Building size: 107,000 sq. ft.
Estimated cost: $60 Million
Completion: To be determined


The striking, transparent, oval glass structure draws from the geometry of the 200-meter indoor/outdoor running track that encircles the perimeter of the space.

Conceived by LM Architectural Group, the Centre’s design reinforces the concepts of health, fitness, and wellbeing. Upon entering the building a meditation garden and light-filled atrium greets the visitor. The three-story interior features therapy and fitness pools, as well as the building’s signature space — a fully transparent second floor activity area that contains the running track, a double gym, and specialized fitness areas — all looking out onto a landscaped green roof.


This unique new facility will be situated east of the Hospital on the north side of Concordia Avenue at Lagimodiere Boulevard, adjacent to both the Concordia Hip & Knee Institute and Concordia Village. This location makes the Centre highly convenient to Winnipeggers living east of the Red River, as well as to residents of outlying communities north, east, and south of the city.